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Why does life flash before your eyes in a life-threatening scenario?

Why does life flash before your eyes in a life-threatening scenario?

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Spatial Time Thinking

Spatial Time Thinking

Ever since Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity, may people now argue that we live in a "static block universe" wherein time is spread out like a panorama where the past, the present, and the future all co-exist simultaneously.

Other proficient people such as Carlo Rovelli, a modern physicist, also holds the view that time is not linear. This is somewhat like a reflection of Immanuel Kant's perception of time as well; that it is simply a product of our minds.

Explaining Life Reviews

Explaining Life Reviews

If you've heard the phrase "my life flashed before my eyes", it's pretty self-explanatory what life review means.

For over a century, life reviews were well reported but there aren't much studies about it. There are two theories as to why this happens:

  • The first theory is that life events may exist as a continuum in our minds, and may come to the forefront in extreme conditions of psychological and physiological stress;
  • The second is that our memories "unload" themselves when we're on the brink of death like cortical disinhibition, but usually serene and ordered, not chaotic.

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