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Include small wellness practices in daily life

Keeping a daily journal, doing yoga, or simply changing a mundane chore into a fast meditation are all examples of wellness practises.


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I take moms through a journey of self love & self discovery and become their original self. I help them to become the kind of mothers they want to be. Let's talk about parenting, motherhood and moms mental health with no judgements.

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Joy in Movement

Joy in Movement

The best exercise is the one you look forward to doing every day. It doesn't feel like a chore but a part of your daily routine that you genuinely enjoy. Whether it's yoga, running, or lifting weights!

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11. Daily questions in action

11. Daily questions in action

  1. Daily questions are a commitment device.
  2. Daily questions focus on where we need help, not where we are doing fine. We all have tasks and behaviors that come natulally.
  3. Self discipline refers to achieving desirable behavior and Self control to avoiding undesirable behavior. We...

Get a pyt button

Get a pyt button

While letting go can be encouraged by doing things like walking in nature, meditation, exercising, or keeping a journal, you can always get a pyt button.

Danish teachers use pyt buttons to teach children to let go of more minor frustrations. The pyt button has become popular among Dani...

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