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Emotional Repression vs Niceness

Emotional Repression vs Niceness

Emotional repression in most cases is expressed as niceness

In people with a weak sense of self, there is often un unhealthy fusion with others.


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It offers new perspectives to see the necessity of anger, and how to deal with Trauma .

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Repression Vs Suppression

Suppression (often confused with repression) is a type of defence mechanism, where a person consciously tries to forget or not think of certain unwanted impulses or thoughts.

With repression, this activity happens automatically without any conscious effort or intention.

Repression and the controversy around it

Repression has been a controversial topic in recent times:

  • In the field of psychoanalysis, there are people who both sustain and deny the beneficial effects of repression.
  • In regards to our memory, there is a controversy on whether hidden o...

Types Of Repression

  • Primary repression is when unwanted impulses are hidden even before it reaches consciousness, and happens entirely in the unconscious mind. There is almost no awareness of the repression activity on the individual.
  • Repression proper is when a perso...

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