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What Dermatologists Think About "Natural" Skin-Care | Allure

What Dermatologists Think About "Natural" Skin-Care | Allure

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Definition of Natural

Definition of Natural

  • The term ‘natural’ or ‘cleanor ‘green doesn’t have a clear definition today.
  • Third-party organizations and Retailers have released standards that include lists of ingredients that meet their definition of ‘natural.’
  • Here, we look at what dermatologists think about ‘natural skin-care.

Understand “natural”

Understand “natural”

  • Don't automatically assume that because something's ‘natural,' it's safe.
  • Understand the product, make sure you've done a little bit of research.
  • Public regulation of ‘natural’ products — including a universally agreed-upon definition for the word — would empower us all to make more informed decisions.
  • When in doubt about if a product is right for you — ‘natural’ or not — you should visit a dermatologist to assess the ingredients. Because it's what's inside that counts.

All Chemicals aren’t bad, all things natural aren’t good

All Chemicals aren’t bad, all things natural aren’t good

  • It's inaccurate to assume that everything chemical is bad, and everything natural is good.

Eg: Poison ivy is natural, but that's not something you want to put on your skin.

  • Ingredients are not intrinsically bad, it's about how they're used and in what quantity.

Eg: Think of a puddle of water — not a big deal, but a tsunami can be catastrophic.

  • A product labelled as 'natural' tells us nothing about ingredient safety or sustainability but it makes patients and consumers feel better.

“Natural” is a cultural concept

“Natural” is a cultural concept

  • Natural' is more of a cultural concept — it extends the belief in the superiority of the natural world and that human modification and inference inevitably causes harm.
  • 'Natural' products also allow people to connect themselves with a perceived healthy lifestyle, as well as certain favoured values like harmony with the environment, a spiritual connection with nature, and altruism.
  • When you buy a 'natural' product, you're buying everything that 'natural' products represent.

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