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Explaining And Changing Culture

  • Culture is the sum total of the everyday conversations that occur in families, businesses, cities and countries.
  • Changing culture means changing what we say and do. 
  • Most people do not change simply because someone tells them to, so it is good to avoid endless discussions about changing, and instead focus on living those values.
  • To change the culture, one needs daring and courage and needs an extensive hands-on approach.

Focus On The Audience

  • It can be a challenge to explain to an eleven-year-old about capitalism, but if we know how small the kid is, we would likely use language that the kid can understand.
  • Focusing on the audience is key to most presentations, and many people fail because they focus only on what matters to them, not caring a bit about what the audience thinks.
  • One needs to focus on action and have a clear message that the audience has with them at the end of the presentation.

Saying What The Audience Wants To Hear

When speaking to an audience, making things simple involves not saying what you want to say, but what the audience wants to hear.

A simple message thoughtfully repeated, anchors itself inside the mind of the audience and becomes their main takeaway.

Talk to the audience using effortless language, turning unknown ambiguities into a simple and easy to digest keynote.

Simplifying the Complex

Simplifying the Complex

We often face complex situations and ambiguity in our daily lives, and feel perplexed and stuck. Complex topics hinder our work and we long to connect the dots and make sense of the thing we are wrestling with.

Certain experts have the knack of making the complex sound simple and easy to understand, much like a math teacher at school who makes sure one can understand tricky algebra and trigonometry.

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