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The Nuances of Each Social Network

Social media is the layer on top of the internet, they are the new mediums, and they're also the portals for where we can create.

Any content or story we put out there will work as long as you put it in context. You'll still be the same person but the room quite often changes and how you tell your story affects how it's received.

Telling A Story on Social Media

Telling A Story on Social Media

The media landscape has changed almost entirely. No one likes to call anymore and would rather text or snap. Our culture is completely on-demand and many can consume entire seasons of their favorite shows in one night.

We now live in an era where everyone is on their phones and no matter what content you put up on the internet, the content won't matter unless the audience finds it interesting enough for them to stop and watch.

It's all about the setup, the punchline, and hacking people's expectations.

The Content Pyramid

The Content Pyramid

  • Document Pillar Content - these are the long form pieces of content such as daily vlogs, question and answers videos, keynotes, or podcasts.
  • Repurposed Into Microcontent - these are shorter pieces of content that can range from articles to images, gifs to rants.
  • Distribute Across Social Media - this is where you distribute all content on relevant social media platforms.

Creating 6-7 Meaningful Things A Day

Creating 6-7 Meaningful Things A Day

In order to be able to put out more than 4 content pieces a day is to adopt the philosophy of "Document. Don't create"

By doing so, you will find ease in overcoming your fears of making yourself vulnerable out in the wild social media jungle. The content matters, but the creative will always be largely subjective. What isn't subjective is the fact that you have to put out more content so that you'll have more chances to be heard.

Hollywood vs Social Media

We have to consider the environment in which our content will be consumed and how it would impact our creative approach.

In Hollywood, we make two hours movies that will be played in a big-screen theater while for social media, we have to make something that's goo enough for someone to stop scrolling their feed.

We should be smart about how we tackle content creating and completely have a grasp on the intent of the product.

Mix Passion With Practicality

Mix Passion With Practicality

The internet has grown into this huge unstopabble force where almost everyone is consumed by it, and in order to survive this consuming and demanding league, we must always try to make and do.

Placing enormous amounts of content is a good way to start building. Everyone started with zero, and consistently putting out content helped their platforms grow.

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