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Great Founders

By necessity, Founders are rooted in the “here and now” mental framework required for launching a new startup.

But *great* Founders do something different at the same time: They are obsessed with what will endure 10 or 50 years from now.

Kevin Kelly helps you rise to that level. He is the legendary tech thinker who lives in the future — he co-founded Wired back in 1994 when only a few saw the digital revolution coming. In his best-selling books he told us all our future before it happened (The Inevitable , What Technology Wants , and New Rules For The New Economy ).


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Defining your niche

  • Both as an individual and as a company, you want to work on something that nobody has a name for. When there’s no name for what you’re doing, that means that there’s no category and you have difficulty explaining to people what it is that you’re doing. That means that you ar...


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“Don’t Be The Best, Be The Only”

  • all classes from actors, singers, musicians, business people, and writers …. Almost none of them have a direct path. Anybody on a direct path I would be skeptical of.
  • I resonate with this idea that is often attributed to Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, which is


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A Startup’s Chief Advantage Today


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  • Now, the startups would like to do that too, but they don’t have any resources. So they have to be really scrappy and they have to invent. That’s the solution that is going to spread and succeed because they have used genius to solve it instead of money.
  • The problem...


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Startups and Tech Companies, Are You Being A Good Ancestor For

  • One of my missions is to be a good ancestor — this is counter in some ways to the mission of a young startup
  • I think that taking a longer view of things can set you apart.
  • you think more about civilizational scale, infrastructural necessities, and feeding the network


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What Can You Do Now, That Will Pay Off In 20 Years Or More?

  • long-term research. To last more than four years
  • No vehicle for funding some kind of basic research that you have no expectation of making sense or being developed at least for 20 years — and maybe during your lifetime.
  • You might need another kind of an institution that would...


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What We Saw At Wired, That No One Else Could

  • The major parents of Wired were Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe. I was trying to put out a magazine, a similar kind of magazine. It was called Signal. But the difference was I was talking about ideas and tools in this new emerging world. And Louis and Jane, their creative genius was saying,...


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  • What happens is the startups are left to keep doing things until they pass some threshold of basic viable customer satisfaction. And at that point, it’s too late, they’re off to races.
  • That’s the advantage for startups. What that means for startups is you need to am...


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The Underestimated Network Effect Of Giving


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The Long Arc Of This Force

  • You, me, and the smartest 50 people that we knew, we could not make an iPhone, right? From scratch, it just requires so many other technologies, which themselves require other ones. That is “The technium,” which has all the technologies in the world tied together. There’s this lo...


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Stewards Of The Future

the people running big networking companies have to emerge from their chrysalis of short-term thinking into being more of a steward of the future.


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#engineering, #machinelearning and #crypto

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