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The powers of the weird sisters

The powers of the weird sisters

The weird sisters are followers of Hecate, the classical Goddess of the Moon and sorcery. They are shown to partake in dark magic, necromancy, prophecy, and so on. They have the power to control the weather. These witches have a power over a soul that has admitted to have evil in it, such as Macbeth’s. This power led some critics to believe that these weird sisters were actually demons in the form of witches.

The weird sisters appear in thunder, lightning and rain. It is implied that they can make storms. To add to their ominous nature, they also preside over the ‘hurly burly’ of battles.


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Hello there! An aspiring writer here... My motto is, like Ulysses, "to follow knowledge like a sinking star, Beyond the utmost bound of human thought."(Tennyson) I love #poetry, #literature and #books and all the people that love these three.

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