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The fourth witch

The fourth witch

One of the regular critical views on the play mention a fourth witch in the form of Lady Macbeth. Indeed, she is cunning and ruthless while planning for the murder of Duncan. The witches call forth the ambition in Macbeth causing him to wish for power at all costs. But it is Lady Macbeth that causes this desire to take actual form in the ‘real world’. She gives physical form to the concept introduced by the witches. Lady Macbeth invokes the ‘spirits that tend on mortal thoughts’ to fill her with cruelty and ‘unsex’ her. ‘Unsex’ here, refers to the stripping away of womanly characters.


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Hello there! An aspiring writer here... My motto is, like Ulysses, "to follow knowledge like a sinking star, Beyond the utmost bound of human thought."(Tennyson) I love #poetry, #literature and #books and all the people that love these three.

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