8. Focus on the other important relationships in your life. - Deepstash
10 Tips for Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Relationships

10 Tips for Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Relationships

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8. Focus on the other important relationships in your life.

You might feel sad to be separated from your partner for a period, but there are dozens of other people who would love to spend some of that time with you.

1. Know that the separation is temporary

  • It. Will. End.
  • When you fear uncertainty in separation, it may help to focus on the things you know for sure.

5. Keep active, both mentally and physically.

To alleviate separation anxiety symptoms in adults — or even just general anxiety — physical activity can be crucial.

Staying active and busy makes the time go by more quickly, so your separation will be over before you know it. Keeping busy is one of the key ways I help my separation anxiety. 

PS: It also helps with general overthinking.

4. Do things that are important to you

  • Take advantage of alone time and take action.
  • After you’ve had a good cry, it’s time to do something meaningful: something that matters to you.
  • Tackle a challenge you’ve been meaning to attempt.

3. Lean into the discomfort; it’s OK.

Sometimes experiencing and sitting with your emotions helps you process them. You know how they say a “good cry” can be really cathartic? This is absolutely true.

Let it out. Let yourself feel crappy.

You’ll feel better afterward and better able to manage your feelings. Sometimes it even helps you redirect your energy

7. Do something meaningful for each other during your time apart

Missing your partner? Channel that energy and do something sweet for the other person in their love language.

9. Plan something special for when you will see each other again

  • focus on the reunion - a cause for celebration, instead of obsessing about the time away from one another, plan to do something sweet and special when you reunite.

2. Let your partner know how you feel

  • Open up to your partner about your feelings

6. Talk about your communication plans beforehand.

  • One issue that might be contributing to your relationship separation anxiety is not having a firm communication plan.
  • Be sure both of you are committed to your communication schedule.
  • Realistic and reasonable.
  • Be flexible, too. Know that occasionally, life gets in the way and communication might be delayed. Remember your partner has the best intentions and don’t freak out or spiral if your communication changes or doesn’t happen on a given day.

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