Vulnerability is what makes us unique beings

Vulnerability is what makes us unique beings

By recognizing our weaknesses we accept our human condition. However, many times we insist on hiding everything that makes us feel weak and not wanting to admit it, and this makes us present ourselves to others as not being authentic.

Somehow in our culture there is a pattern of behavior that leads us to hide our weaknesses. Where we also have to pretend and believe that we must strive to be the best.


Knowing My Vulnerability Allows Me To Move Forward - Exploring your mind


When we perform our daily roles, both professionally and personally, we propose that we always have to be the best no matter what. 

This belief is the daily life of many people who live with the illusion that their lives consist of having to be the best at what they consider important. But reality puts us all in our place , bringing to light our limitations, and our difficulties, in light of circumstances that are constantly changing over which we have no control.


Accepting one’s own vulnerability requires courage and bravery.

Key facts:

  • We live under conditions and circumstances that we often cannot control.
  • It is in our will to do things the best we know how; discovering and strengthening our potential.
  • Consider that each person has their rhythm, context, circumstances, difficulties, priorities, etc.
  • Giving someone the best of oneself
  • When we accept our limitations without criticizing ourselves, we are able to understand ourselves


By beginning to accept our vulnerability, we find ourselves . And so we access our authenticity, and in doing so, facilitate a connection with others.

By accepting our difficulties without fear of being rejected, without fear of exposing ourselves to seem weak, we take off the masks we often use .

“Accepting our vulnerability rather than trying to hide it is the best way to adapt to reality.”

-David Viscott-


We are not perfect

By accepting our vulnerability we become more human , through admitting our imperfections and also those of others as a result.

We turn away from arrogance and superiority without viewing ourselves as being above anyone else. It is very pretentious pursue being the best and being blinded by it, and it causes use to lose a part of our own lives.

We overcome our fears and limitations through acceptance, showing ourselves as we are, in order to be the best version of ourselves.


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Authenticity In Psychology

Our lives are uncertain and impermanent, and paradoxically, this can lead us towards living authentically, as we realize that death is unavoidable, values are subjective, and life by itself is flux.

The Self-Perception Theory reveals that people manipulate their own information so that the audience is impressed. People portray authenticity and manipulate their behaviours to appear real when it is necessary.



Authentic Living: How to Be Real According to Psychology

Why we connect with others better when they're vulnerable

Research shows we feel more comfortable around people who are vulnerable because they seem authentic. When we recognize someone as being inauthentic or "putting on airs", it makes us uncomfortable and we feel less connected to them.

This seems to come from a basis of trust.

It's not just other people's inauthenticity that we don't like. We actually get exhausted from the effort of hiding our true feelings when we're not authentic. We're also more prone to making mistakes when we spend energy on acting cheerful if we're actually tired or frustrated.



How to connect with your readers through vulnerability

Being vulnerable expands your world
  • Vulnerability is so much easier when you love yourself. You'll be less afraid of rejection, you step right into that place of openness.
  • Vulnerability takes practice. Life continues to give opportunities to consciously choose openness.
  • The rewards of vulnerability are immeasurable. With vulnerability, you experience true connection and you begin to attract people to you who are inspired by your openness.


How Being Vulnerable Can Expand Your World