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The Technique

Use you "Possiiblity Muscle". Write downn 10 ideas. The start executing the best, write out 10 ways to execute it. Then pick the best one and start off

<p><em>After using these techn...

After using these techniques for just three months, I felt as if my entire brain had been rewired. It was like seeing the world in dimensions and colors I didn’t even know existed—a world colored with possibilities that were always there but that I’d never noticed before

<p><em>The point is not to hav...

The point is not to have good ideas all the time. The point is just exercise. Exercise that idea muscle. Then you will be more creative.

Author's examples

  • 10 people I can send ideas to
  • 10 businesses I can do related to coronavirus
  • 10 ways I can save time
  • 10 things I’m interested in getting better at (and then 10 ways I can get better at each one)

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