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Moving may feel scary

Some studies show that recent movers report having more unhappy days in a two-week testing period than people who hadn't moved.

However, the social costs of moving are manageable. People often feel more lonely because they spend more time on a computer and less time on active leisure like exercise and hobbies. Much of the unhappiness can be mitigated by actively exploring your new neighbourhood, doing things that made you happy in your old home, and socializing with new people.

Topophilia - loving a place

Topophilia is a vivid, emotional and personal experience of a place that leads to unexplainable affections.

Topophilia can be demonstrated by objective and subjective criteria - it could be a smell of fresh-cooked pie or the sound of a train whistle at night, also called "synesthetic tendency" or the way ordinary sensory perceptions affect our memory and emotions.

Feeling out of place

Feeling out of place

So many people have been involuntarily displaced by the pandemic or could be stuck in living situations they would not choose for themselves.

But this upheaval could also give an opportunity. Many have now realised that various jobs can be done remotely, meaning we might have more geographic flexibility than before. This year could be a chance for you to move to the place where your heart is.

Guide to your topophilic ideal

As you design a physical future in line with your happiness, it is worth reflecting on your strongest positive synesthetic tendencies and the place they remind you of.

Topophilia might not be associated with your childhood home. It could be somewhere where you were on holiday or a place with smells and sights you once experienced.

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