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Perfectionism is the mask we all wear when we fear something.


Take a you-turn

  1. Do a self-audit- Ask yourself 'In what ways am i kidnapping myself?' or 'What do i know i wish i didn't know?'
  2. Follow your freedom- Do something where you feel free. Do something and listen to your gut: Do you feel excitement or fear? Make a joy-journal. For 30 days, daily write what inspires you. After 30 days, try seeking a pattern in there. Is there a skill you used frequently which inspired you? Do that.
  3. Engage- Act will make you there where you wanna be. You cannot go to a theatre by thinking of going to it.

(The talk was really good. She is an extremely good speaker.)

You are kidnapped lol.

Maybe that isn't a lol, right? Yes it isn't. But what if I say that you are your own kidnapper.

 yes, we are all our own kidnappers. We have kidnapped ourselves from the life we actually want. For lame excuses such as, 'maybe that isn't stable or safe.' or 'I didn't think there was a better option'. You tell yourself that boy, this is a good job! even though you feel like it is not. Your gut has 200 million neurons there equivalent to a dog's or cat's brain. It knows something you don't.

Realists are often just dreamers who got their hearts broken along the way.


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