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Seven Easy Habits to Read More Books Next Year | Scott H Young

Seven Easy Habits to Read More Books Next Year | Scott H Young

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Set Aside Thirty Minutes Before Sleep

This habit works because it also helps you get better sleep. Too might light, particularly the bluer light from LED screens, activates brain circuits that tell your brain it is still daylight. The result is that it’s harder to start the subtle biochemical cascade that prepares your body for sleep.

While relaxing you, this habit will also let you accumulate a lot of books read by the end of the year. If you read 25 pages a night, you can finish more than thirty books a year with this time alone

A Habit of Compounding Growth

Reading is a habit of compounding growth. Learn more and you’ll generate ideas and enthusiasm for making other changes.

Reading books, not just random online articles, is especially helpful. when you read a book, you’re getting more concentrated thinking on a topic than shorter essays.

Books, however, are also harder to read. They require patience and attention that is often in short supply. As a result, I think it makes sense to single out some specific strategies for increasing the amount of books you read.

never feel guilty for putting down a book and starting a new one

The habit I’ve had the most success with in increasing the number of books I read may seem like a paradoxical one. Isn’t the goal to finish more books? Why would abandoning them without hesitation be a good thing?

But the real cause of reading too few books is that you don’t enjoy it enough. The worst thing for your enjoyment is to feel compelled to finish a book that has become boring, predictable or unhelpful.

I often have ten or more books through various states of completion that I read at a time. I know I won’t finish some of those and that’s okay. 

Create a Library in your Amazon Wishlist

The goal here is to have an enormous pile of potentially good books. While getting stuck with a boring book may be the biggest obstacle to reading more, the second obstacle is not having enough interesting books waiting to be read. Every time someone recommends a book that sounds interesting add it to the list. Now you have books waiting to be read instead of being clueless about what to read next

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