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Author bio essentials

  • A good bio is short. Consider trimming an extended biography to a few sentences.
  • Use your real first and last name. This builds trust and authenticity.
  • Include a friendly and professional headshot. Eye-catching, colourful pictures have the added benefit of attracting the reader's attention.

Authoritative: Show why you're an expert

Showing your credibility is essential.

  • To help you not to come off as arrogant, write in the third person. "He is" instead of "I am."
  • Focus on achievements, not titles, degrees, or years of experience. 
  • Use concrete facts, not vague terms like "expert" or "industry leader." This can be done by showing the results you've gotten for customers, putting the spotlight on them while revealing your expertise.
  • It's better to focus on subject matter expertise rather than your credentials.

Authentic: Show why you care

Authentic: Show why you care

An authentic bio is vital to break through the generic content by unqualified authors. Authentic authors care about the topic, they know the audience, and they have the courage to put their real name on their work.

  • Start with a compelling first sentence that grabs the attention of your ideal reader. Write who you are, and why you care.
  • An authentic bio also shows ownership: Include details that prove you're invested enough in the topic to write about it. 

Writing a results-driven bio

Author bios are often an undervalued tool in marketing. Yet, the author bio can add credibility, make the rest of your content more effective, and get you conversions.

With a few adjustments, you can write a results-driven bio that increases your leads, demo signups, visits, likes, sales, etc.

Approachable: Show who you really are

Bios often show their friendliness by stringing together various hobbies in their last sentence. For example, "when they're not writing, you can find them hiking or drinking coffee".

There are better ways to be approachable:

  • Go all-in on an unexpected skill or interest outside your work.
  • Share how you use your work expertise in your personal life.

Wrap up the bio with a single next step for the reader to take. "To get in touch, follow him on LinkedIn." or "View all posts by Benny Lewis."

Test your bio

  • Run it by colleagues or potential clients.
  • Test different versions and track what generates the best results.
  • Read your bio from your reader's perspective and ask what would catch your eye.

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