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Water Isn’t Fully Understood Yet

  • Researchers have recently reported that water is one of the least understood materials on this planet.
  • Water, according to Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, equals effortless strength as well as grace and suppleness.
  • When water is heated enough and becomes invisible in the vapour form, it has enough pressure to break any object.

Water appears fine-tuned towards all kinds of climate, ecosystems, animals and plants, having numerous properties and features yet not fully understood.

Bruce Lee On Water

Bruce Lee On Water

Water is deceiving by its very nature.

The legendary martial artist, philosopher and actor, Bruce Lee, once took a break from his meditation and gung fu practice and went sailing. At that time he was just a teenager, displaying his teenage angst by punching water with his fist.

He was surprised at the soft water taking his blow effortlessly. He tried to grasp water with his bare hands but it slipped through. Bruce Lee was intrigued by the nature of water, realizing that though it looks frail and meek, it can defeat the hardest substance in the world.

Magical Water

  • Water behaves differently when frozen, suddenly shifting from a ‘disordered’ structure of liquid into an open, wider structure of ice.
  • The ancient Greeks list water as one of the four essential elements, alongside, earth, air and fire.
  • Homoeopathy, a form of treatment, works by putting extremely tiny doses of disease-causing substances dissolved in water.
  • Many wellness practitioners claim that water when consumed in a structured form, can slow down ageing, as it penetrates our cell walls to give us many health benefits.

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