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Kanye West’s Amazing Marketing strategy for his Hoodie.

Kanye West’s Amazing Marketing strategy for his Hoodie.

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The Wave.

The Wave.

Just like Kanye hijacked the buildings and got a whole lot of attention for it, the Human Rights Foundation hijacked the Yeezy x Gap ads to raise awareness about Uyghur and Turkic labour, one of the biggest issues pertaining to the fashion industry today.

Marketing strategy for his hoodie.

Marketing strategy for his hoodie.

Kanye West planned am amazing marketing surprise for his new hoodie at 3 AM on his birthday, Kanye West surprised fans by hijacking iconic buildings in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles with ‘floating projections’ of a blue jacket from his much awaited Yeezy Gap collections.

For his Jacket.

For his Jacket.

A few weeks later, another set of mysterious ads appeared.

This time, they featured jumpsuits in a similar shade of blue as the jackets. People wondered if this could be the next product from the line. However, these jumpsuits are the kind worn by Uyghur prisoners.

Upon scanning these QR codes, users reached a landing page with information on the forced labour crisis in China and tips on how they could help.

The Impact.

The Impact.

The projections featured only an image of a blue puffer along with a QR code that directed users to the website where they could pre-order the jacket. The gimmick created such a buzz that the website crashed due to high traffic in the first 30 minutes.

The campa ign also included posters and print ads and was hailed as an innovative marketing ploy as it intrigued people and got them scanning.

But it didn’t end there.

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