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Real Success

Create a life that will be considered a work of art. You have that potential. We all do, as a matter of fact. It all comes down to whether you want to do the inner work required to get there. Self-mastery is where life mastery begins. Your outer world cannot be bigger than you.

Daily Inspiration

The more disciplined you are with yourself, the easier life will be on you. The stricter you are with yourself, the gentler life will be on you. When you get stronger with yourself and rein in all those weaker impulses and have the self-discipline to do what’s right—every time—your life is certain to turn out great.

Daily Inspiration.

Remember that there are many forms of wealth, financial wealth being only one of them.One who has rich relationship & loving community aroud is,wealthy. One who has a life of excellent health, adventure, excitement & continuous learning has wealth of a different sort. And one who is deeply connected to all of life and wakes up every morning feeling deeply at peace and aware of the truth must certainly be considered to be one who has accumulated yet another form of riches.Society has taught us that economic wealth is the only type of wealth we should chase.Not true. Know your rich .

Daily Journal

Writing in a journal on a regular basis is very powerful. This helps you get to know yourself and deepen your self-relationship. Your journal should be a place you visit and examine yourself. With the awareness that brings, you can then pledge to make better choices. And better choices lead to better results.

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I love to read , listen and think . I love the boring things , Loud and exaggerating things aren't my cup of tea . Be simple Be Kind be generous is my kinda thing 🙂 .