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Emotional Intelligence is learned and can be improved

Emotional Intelligence is learned and can be improved

However, and here lies the real magic, Emotional Intelligence also has to do with the plasticity of our brain, where stimuli, continuous practice and systematic learning create changes and makes connections. We can become much more proficient in each of the 4 areas mentioned above.

It's a matter of will and perseverance to apply the keys that Professor Goleman writes about.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

It’s a way of seeing intelligence beyond its cognitive aspects (like memory and problem-solving). We are talking primarily of our capacity to effectively address others and ourselves, to connect with our emotions, to manage them, to self-motivate, to put the brakes on our impulses, to overcome frustrations.

Specifics on emotional intelligence

  • We must detec the emotion behind each of our actions
  • We need to expand our emotional language (sometimes it's not enough to say "I'm sad")
  • Control what you think in order to control how you behave
  • Look for a reason behind the behavior of others
  • Express your emotions assertively
  • Improve your social skills
  • Learn to self-motivate

The Four Basic Dimensions

  1. Self-awareness: The ability to understand what we feel; to be connected to our values, to our essence.
  2. Self-motivation: Our ability to orient ourselves towards our goals, to recover from setbacks and manage stress.
  3. The third has to to with social awareness and empathy.
  4. The philosopher's stone of Emotional Intelligence: Our ability to relate, to communicate, to reach agreements, to connect positively and respectfully with others.

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