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Being Transparent With Friends

If we have social friendships that border on fake territory, it is no use being transparent about one’s financial differences. One can simply say no to the plans.

If the friendship is real, it is a great idea to discuss the differences in our financial priorities.

We Need To Talk About Money

We Need To Talk About Money

Many of us have social taboos over money and are left confused when we have to cope with costly social plans with friends and loved ones.

Many people have money anxieties, and are money vigilant. Most of us do not feel comfortable saying no to friends who are making plans that require money, and bail out using excuses like not being well or not having any interest.

Getting Defensive About Money

People have different kinds of relationships with money, many of them are irrational. People can get emotional or feel awkward talking about it, even being prickly or turning defensive.

The feelings of being judged or ashamed are natural and maybe necessary at times.

The Pandemic And Social Obligations

The pandemic has helped many reassess their relationship with money and how much they splurge socially.

There is a need to organize the social calendar and make it less obligatory and more financially transparent.

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