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A Hybrid Workforce

A Hybrid Workforce

New research shows more than two-thirds of the workforce feels disconnected or alienated from their fellow colleagues.

Companies need to adapt the office to meet the growing demands and unique needs of a hybrid, always-connected workforce. New office designs would be aimed at teamwork, creativity and fostering connections.

The Purpose Of The Office Has Changed

The Purpose Of The Office Has Changed

The pandemic has been an extended experiment for most companies who are trying to manage people working from home.

Instead of making it mandatory to attend the office physically like before, many companies have adopted a hybrid model where one could go to the office once a week and work from home the rest of the days.

This new approach changes the purpose of coming to the office.

The New Office

  • Google Docs, videoconferencing, and Slack have made the physical presence of workers less crucial in most activities.
  • The new physical office aims to be more social and facilitate specific kinds of work, like a meeting or a brainstorming session.
  • The more virtual work becomes, the more crucial it is to communicate face-to-face so that the virtual existence is supported.
  • Health is now a bigger concern, with access to nature and workout sessions a priority.

Collaborative And Smaller Offices

Office time can be utilized to do collaborative teamwork and promote interaction. Technology can be used more effectively to allow high-quality video conferencing with team members sitting in remote locations.

The office itself need not be the size it was before the pandemic struck. As more co-working spaces are added, the need for an expansive office is lessened.

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