10 Simple, Sure-fire Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever : zen habits

Listen To Great Music

This greatly helps you to improve your mood.


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10 Simple, Sure-fire Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever : zen habits

10 Simple, Sure-fire Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever : zen habits


Key Ideas

Be Present

Don’t let your mind wander, keep it in the moment, focus on what’s happening around or within you. 

The past is set and the future unpredictable, either take action or stop worrying about them, as it accomplishes nothing.

Do Less

Do less and focus on the more impactful, instead of the urgent. Don’t do everything on that list and don't pack your schedule full to reduce stress. 

Spend Time With a Loved One

Actually be with them, talk with them, bond with them. There isn’t much there will give you more joy than this.

Watch a Sunrise Or Sunset

This will leave you filled with warmth. 

Listen To Great Music

This greatly helps you to improve your mood.

Focus On 3 Projects

Choose three projects to focus exclusively on, the most important ones. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll accomplish.

Go For a Walk

Take a few minutes to enjoy the nature around you as you go for your walk. Clear your head, calm yourself and appreciate the good things in your life.


Even if it’s just a little space, decluttering areas of your life can have a wonderful effect on your mood and happiness level.

Focus On What Matters

Get one important thing done. Something important in the long run so you can feel a sense of accomplishment.

Plan Your Perfect Life

Pick the 4-5 most important things in your life, and build your perfect life around those things, eliminating most of the rest if possible. Then plan and schedule the first steps to get there, starting today.



Exercises For Posture Correction
Exercises For Posture Correction
  • Plank: Hold the initial push-up position, legs straight. Don’t allow your lower back to sink, and make sure you are looking down at the floor. 
  • Wall Angels: Lean bac...
Posture Belt

Wearing a posture belt during the first few hours of morning is good practice. 

  • Place the strap over your upper back and hold the ends in each hand.
  • Drape each end of the strap over its respective shoulder.
  • Cross the strap in the back holding one end in each hand.
  • Pull the straps so that you feel it in your trapezius muscles and secure the ends at the front.
Reverse Plank Bridge
  • Keep your arms straight and pull your shoulders back.
  • Bring your shoulder blades together.
  • Tuck your chin.
  • Push your chest up and extend your spine.
  • Your fingers can be pointed forward or backward.

3 more ideas

Focus on Being Open

Don't worry about being rejected, or that you might not be fun enough.  

Be open and inviting.

Make a List

Make a list of people that you would like to get to know better.

Consider extending an invitation and see what happens.

Put It On the Calendar

Decide when you are going to ask someone to do something together.

Schedule these initial contacts to ensure that you won't keep putting it off.

8 more ideas

Self Reliance

If you’re waiting for someone to give you the right training to change your job or do something radically different in life you will wait forever. 

It’s up to you to train yourself. I...

Learning to Learn

Learning is not a rigidly formal system of precisely labeled steps.

Learning is messy. It’s trial and error. It’s failing and then failing again and then slowly figuring it out.

Give Up Magical Beliefs

You can’t borrow someone’s motivation. No matter how many books you read or chants you do you won’t become more motivated.

Motivation comes from inside. It comes from you and nowhere else.

2 more ideas