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Myth – Release Anger

Myth – Release Anger

"To feel better and live fully, you must let out all negative emotions."

The Truth:

There is plenty of evidence that venting your anger actually only makes you more angry and aggressive and increases the negative consequences of anger.


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Anger feels good

  • Anger makes you feel morally superior. Every time you criticize someone, the implication is that you're better. He’s such an idiot… (but I’m pretty smart).
  • Anger makes you feel in control. It gives you the illusion of control, like you're do...

Reappraisal as an Anger Management Tool

Reappraisal as an Anger Management Tool

Scientific evidence suggests that when someone goes off on you, simply thinking: “It’s not about me. They must be having a bad day,” can soothe anger

Shifting your beliefs about a situation makes your brain calm down the amygdala,...

Allow Yourself To Vent

There are actually some advantages to venting about a problem to a friend, and helping with your mood is one of them. 

In many situations, it's better for you to discharge negative emotions than to keep them bottled up inside.

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