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The Best Morning Habits

The best morning habits require self-motivation. They are long-term rewarding activities, instead of habits that deliver immediate payoffs.


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Factors of activities that promote motivation

  • There are clear goals.
  • Gain immediate feedback.
  • Challenges need to be matched with personal skills.
  • The task has to be challenging enough to require a person to employ their skills and promote concentration and engagement.

The answer to inconsistency

The answer to inconsistency

To beat procrastination and make better long-term choices, find a way to make your present self act in the best interest of your future self. You have 3 primary options:

  1. Make the rewards of long-term behavior more immediate.
  2. Make the costs of procrastination more immediate.

The Neuroscience of Habits and Learning

The Neuroscience of Habits and Learning

  • When habits form, they form a strong sequence of connections with neurons that downstream synapses in which were the later ones being fired with a higher probability than the first.
  • Learning happens when associations of one long-term memory become tightly coupled with another.

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