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The Best Morning Habits

The best morning habits require self-motivation. They are long-term rewarding activities, instead of habits that deliver immediate payoffs.


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First, know where you‘re at

Find a way of tracking your daily activities. A week of tracking would suffice. It is impossible to streamline our mornings without getting to know what we currently spend them on, and why.


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Picture the perfect morning

Before we start moving things around, it is helpful to find out your definition of the perfect morning.


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Make it happen

  • After deciding on the important details you need to integrate into your morning schedule, you are left with making it happen.
  • Don't go through the logistic and piling up excuses, instead dwell on how could you fast track the process.
  • For some, adjusting their bedtime could do the trick, while others would need to factor in their responsibilities as parents.
  • The point is, always focus on ways to make your morning rituals easier.


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One step at a time

Build the habit! it is easier when we adopt one habit at a time. Also, we should track our progress, as it takes a while before these activities become part and parcel of our mornings.


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Reward yourself

Incentives are ways, by which we can motivate ourselves to stay on track. You can promise yourself a treat whenever you reach a milestone.


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Quality over quantity

The key here is not how much you get done in the morning, but the impact of each task you subject your mind to.


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