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Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

Since sourdough does not use commerical yeast, a starter is needed for it to rise.

A starter is made with fermented flour and water mixture that contains wild yeast and bacteria.

Wild yeast gives more flavor than commerical yeast and it also does not contain any additives. It then helps the sourdough to have a tangy flavor and a somewhat chewy texture.


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Sourdough is a vegan bread, however it is not gluten-free. It's a naturally leavend bread that uses a 'starter' instead of commercial yeast.

For sourdough you need the three basic ingredients: strong white bread flour, water, and salt.

Demystifying the process

Sourdough bread tastes surprisingly good. It has a deep chewiness and a simple crusty cob that fills you up for the day. Making it is quite simple.

  • Bread dough does not have to be precise. Regular flour is also good to use if you can't find bread flour.
  • One good tip ...

Why honey doesn’t spoil

  • Acidity. Most bacteria prefer neutral growing conditions. The enzymes bees use to break down the sugar in nectar make it more acidic and less appealing for bacterial growth.
  • Sugar content. Honey has a lot of sugar, but only 18% water, which is not ...

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