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Be straightforward but not simplistic.

Assume that your reader doesn’t know anything, but never that he is stupid.

The ideas you write should be clear and easy to understand. This thought is in line with item 1 of this post since clarity of view is often followed by the clarity of writing. Empathizing with the reader also helps to write more understandably.


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How to turn one tiny thought into a blog post worth reading

How to turn one tiny thought into a blog post worth reading

1. Collect related tidbits

One option is to write a post on a theme that involves the thought or discovery you want to share. Once you've found a theme that works, you can include other examples or ideas. Binging together different points of view could expand your small fin...

Clear Goal & Feedback

Define the goal very clearly. We can write it down in paper with clear end point or finish line i.e. there should be a clear indication of completion of the work just like submitting a project or publishing this post.

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Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

Military professionals begin their emails with a brief, staccato statement that states the purpose of the email and the action required, this is called their "BLUF" or Bottom Line Up Front.

An effective BLUF distills the most important information. It helps the reader or t...

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