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It only takes a tiny bit more effort to turn a vague compliment into something that can make someone's day.


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The Basic Components of an Effective Compliment
  1. Use their name. When giving out a compliment with their name on it, it feels like your making them worth your time because of the emphasis on their name.
  2. Make the compliment as specific as possible. Giving out half-hearted compliments like "Good Job" or "Nice shirt" does not have the same effect as "Maria, you've done a lot of great work today. You should be proud of yourself." 
  3. Stick around for the answer. If you have the time and the desire to see the sparkle in someone's eyes after giving them a great compliment, try to stick around for a little more conversation.

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“Complement” and “compliment” are easy to confuse. In fact, they come from the same Latin word, “complementum” which means “something that completes.” However, “complement” came to its meaning through English, while “compliment” evolved through Spanish, Italian, and French use before coming into English.

Becoming A Source Of Sincere Support
  • Many of the admired people in our lives generally were not the ones that provided us with all the solutions or solved all our problems.
  • Sincere, silent support, like active listening, and genuine care is never overlooked.
  • Being the strength of others in the hour of need, even if it is just providing a shoulder to cry on.
2 Kinds of Work Praise
  1. WE-STRENGTH - This is the type of praise where the entire team is elevated and pushed forward.
  2. ME-STRENGTH - This is the type of praise wherein it makes an individual employee stronger. It is where the person is most comfortable, joyous, and focused on work that brings them satisfaction.

However, it is important to keep in mind that every employee has different strengths where their we-strength could be intrinsically different from their me-strength.

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