I have to focus on my mental health. We have to protect our minds and our bodies and not just go out and do what the world wants us to do.


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Postponing the 2020 Olympics

The postponement of Tokyo 2020 was not a decision taken lightly: it came after the pressure to cancel or delay the event due to the risks of the new virus.
The financial blow of canceling the games will be substantial for Japan, which has already invested at least $12.6 billion into the 2020 Olympics; by some estimates, it would reduce Japan’s annual GDP growth by 1.4%.

The Tokyo olympics will be powered and fueled by a mix of sustainable energy sources, from hydrogen for the olympic flame to solar farms and hydro energy dams for more general power needs.

We have always been taught that mental and physical health are two separate entities existing in different planes.

Our mind and body, surprisingly to many, are not two different things.

If someone leaves their job due to a physical injury, it is considered normal, but if the same person is leaving the job due to a mental health issue, then their decision is criticised and they may even have to deal with long-lasting consequences.

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