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Stopping The Second-Guessing

  1. Understand that imposter syndrome is common among brilliant, qualified professionals and it is okay to be nervous.
  2. Keep in mind that the best of us can fail, and try not to let the fear of failing to get the better of you.
  3. Handle things one day at a time, focusing your nervous energy on new learnings.
  4. Be sincere to yourself and everyone around you, and understand that no one has all the right answers.
  5. Capitalize on your strengths.
  6. Try to find a trustworthy ally and form a support system.


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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where a person doubts his or her own skills and competencies.

They believe that their coworkers will get to know that they may be just faking their way in the company without knowing much and that they are a fraud.


The Constant Nagging Feeling Of Doubt

Imposter syndrome is common among many professionals and the symptoms include self-doubting questions like:

*1. How did I get this job profile?

  1. Am I good enough to handle so many new responsibilities?
  2. Am I undeserving of being in such a position after my second promo...

Maintaining Trust In The Long Run

  1. Trust can be built by showcasing your competence and skills.
  2. Trust yourself, shaking out any imposter syndrome and do not doubt your competence.
  3. Be transparent and honest, not hiding the information that makes you appear bad.
  4. Be a person your teammates can count o...

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