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The thought of losing something motivates us more than the idea of gaining something of similar value.

We believe that things that are difficult to own are usually better than things that are easy to hold.

i.e. The passion of an indifferent lover surges when a rival comes in.


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Drive 6: Scarcity and Impatience

It motivates us because we are either unable to have something immediately, or because there is great difficulty in obtaining it.

  • We chase that which moves away from us
  • We want what we cannot have
  • We only place value on things that are difficult to obtain



  • Research shows that humans respond MORE to “fear of loss” than “gaining something“.
  • Companies will use “limited time offers” to make it appear products are in a short supply to increase buying frequency. 
  • The next time you’re sh...

Types of Interpersonal Conflict

  • Policy Conflicts: disagreements about how to deal with a situation that affects both parties. 
  • Value Conflicts: they are typically pretty difficult to resolve because they are more ingrained.
  • Ego Conflicts: losing an argument, or being thought of as wrong...

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