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Best Music to Listen to while Studying and their Benefits - Vaughn College

Best Music to Listen to while Studying and their Benefits - Vaughn College

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Keeping all the above points in mind, I have composed my own study music catering to the needs of students.

You can check it out by clicking the link below:

Listen to WINTER STUDY BEATS by syedprincy on #SoundCloud

Happy productive listening!🎶

A note however

A note however

Research revealed brain function decreases when you listen to music and sounds you don’t enjoy, making it difficult to focus and concentrate. So, be sure to choose music and sounds that make you happy.

  • Create your playlist in advance so you’re not fumbling to find a new song every few minutes.
  • Keep your playlist to around 40-50 minutes—this is a great reminder to take a study break when it’s over. Plus, it helps you plan your study sessions to meet your concentration level.
  • Avoid listening to the radio as commercials can be distracting.
  • Listen to music at a moderate level volume.

Best genres to study

Best genres to study

So here are some suggested genres and examples of each that may help put your brain in the right frame of mind. Take a listen.

  1. Classical music—Mind-boosting effect helps with mathematics
  2. Sounds of nature—Keeps your brain engaged by increasing concentration
  3. Songs without lyrics—Great choice when reading and writing
  4. Brian Eno’s Music for Airports—Chill-out electronic music for serious studying and deep concentration

Benefits of studying to music

Benefits of studying to music

Do you listen to music while you study, or do you prefer total silence? The jury is out on which is better since everyone is different; however, several research studies are proving that listening to the right kind of music can put your mind into study mode.

Here are some of the benefits of tuning in to the right tunes:

  • Relaxes the mind
  • Increases concentration
  • Lessens distractions
  • Improves focus
  • Improves performance in high-pressure situations, such as mid-terms and finals week

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