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7 Habits to study better

7 Habits to study better

The most successful people in the world are lifelong student.

  1. Active recall. Review what you are studying. Shut the book & write down or say what you remember. Look again. What did you miss?
  2. Spaced repetition. Review the material at similar intervals. Like, once in the morning & at night 4 days in a row.
  3. State while studying. Posture & attitude for breathing & circulation as well as mental state (fascination, curiosity).
  4. Sense of smell. Connect an important information with a particular scent by using it while learning & when need to recall. Rosemary (memory). Peppermint & lemon (concentration). 
  5. Music. Baroque music at 50 to 80 beats per minute creates an atmosphere of focus & concentration.
  6. Listen with your whole brain. Stop your own thoughts, imagine yourself in the speaker's shoes, engage with a sense of anticipation, ask clarifying questions to review your understanding.
  7. Effective note taking. Capture key points, novelty of information, further questions to clarify the topic in your own words. Review.


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