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Eradicate Fear

Eradicate Fear

"A fearful writer can never be an effective writer"

The reason behind that is because when people are driven by fear they can say anything without thinking about it rationally; they use soft language and lack conviction in their words.

The only way to overcome our fear of failure is to be able to accept full ownership of everything we write, perfect or not, because at the end of the day it will only make us more credible.

Pay Attention To Details

Pay Attention To Details

An effective writer pays attention to every single detail from the headlines to the sources their referring to.

A lot goes into writing and as we go through life we experience more, learn more, and we become better thinkers. Alongside our growth, we also trian ourselves to have an eye for detail. Writing impacts our lives more than you think and it's a never-ending practice.

Know your Who and Why

Know your Who and Why

To be an effective writer it's important to understand who you're writing for and what your article can do for them, because you only have about 15 seconds in order to catch their attention.

It takes time to learn who we're writing for and what our goals are, so while you tackle on this journey remember to be kind to yourself while at it.

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