- Deepstash offers a bunch of different workspaces through nature videos live cams of cities, videos of cafes etc.

You can also control the ambience of each scene by turning the volume up and down. You can also set a pomodoro timer. 


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Survival Tips

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Basic survival skills

How to prioritize needs in survival situations

How to adapt to extreme situations

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Mindfulness practices

  • Mindfulness meditation: just set a timer for five minutes to sit and breathe.
  • Reminders: set reminders to focus on different activities: to take breaks, to refocus on work, etc.
  • Journaling: use it to get your thoughts out of your head and on paper, where ...

3: Combine with Pomodoro/Animedoro Technique

3: Combine with Pomodoro/Animedoro Technique

Working for long hours without taking breaks can overwhelm you and unmotivate you. 

Set a timer of 25/40/60 minutes where you focus only on your work/study. Then take a break of 5/10/20 mintues where you stop studying and you do something else ( watch a sho...

Getting Things Done: the basics

  • Capture. Write down everything you need to do.
  • Clarify. Break down each task into an actionable next step. 
  • Organize. Move each of those actionable tasks onto a specific list: E.g: Action: Things to do next, Waiting For: Tasks or projects you’ve delega...

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