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What Job Has _____ Hired Me For?

What Job Has _____ Hired Me For?

Fill in the blanks and you think upon the answer. What job has my mom hired me for? Does she want me to help her in her chores? spend more time? Handle my siblings? Be good in academics? Someone to rely on?

What job has my brother hired me for? He wants me to advice him things? Help in homework? Be a protection? Someone to rely on? His speaker? Someone who stands for him?





Charlie did cheating in his formative assessment the other day, for 1 lie, a 100 lies, for those 100 lies, a 100×100 lies. Little did he knew, he would be caught up cheating in JEE Mains, one of the most imporant exams of India. 

When you cross the line once, you cross it again and again an...

Purpose is a combination of 

  1. likeness-what you wanna be. This is a long-term process. (Ex-Loving science)
  2. Commitment- how you commit to it. This is a always doing process. How you do it daily. (Such as read 10 articles of physics daily)

Motivation factors include personal growth, healthy sleeps, teamwork, love towards your team, a healthy environment.

Other factors include money, salary, recognition, package.

Other factors, if included in job, will cause absence of job dissatisfaction. Opposite of job dissatisfaction...

Until you have found a job where you can get the motivation and other factors in your life, You should not make plans. This is called emergent strategy. You should look what comes in your way. If you have found such a job, deliberate strategy is what awaits. You can imagine this as hundred doors ...

You cannot say, "My kids are toddlers right now, for now, I can concentrate on my job, when they are grown-ups, I'll move my focus on them." No you can't. By then, the opportunity would already have ran away. You have to invest your resources right from the birth.

Culture is going to be built anyway. But it is on you to make it good. Culture is how you treat a problem when it comes to you. Culture can be kindness, politeness, forgiveness, love, etc.. Suppose you wanna build kindness or peace, even if you killed a mosquito, he was doing many things, there ...

There are three things- Resources, processes, priorities. A child is taught about AI-resource, He wants his friends to be jealous of him-priority, he makes an app which was Not taught to him directly and publish it-process. Another example could be planning a camp trip by self. T...

Children learn not when you are ready teach, but when they are ready to learn.

So when they are ready to learn, and if you are not there, they will learn from someone else, when they will learn everything from someone else bit by bit, are they still your children?

The ...

You first priority is not what you like most, it's what you spent your resources (time, energy, money) on. So, if you think family is your 1st priority, then you have to prove it by spending more resources on your family than any other possibility.

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The best way to find answers to life decisions is to understand the framework that guides the answers.

With the framework in mind, anyone can answer their own questions more insightful than an outsider can.




Long-term thinking

Long-term thinking is more challenging than most people imagine. It is then also more lucrative than many people think.

The long run consists of a collection of short runs that you have to put up with: recessions, bear markets, meltdowns and surprises. Ins...




Two of the biggest innovations

Two of the biggest innovations of modern times are cars and airplanes. At first, every new invention looks like a toy. It takes decades for people to realise the potential of it.

  • Adolphus Greely, a brigadier general, was one of the first people outside the car indust...