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Why the 'Great Remote Work Experiment' may have been flawed

Why the 'Great Remote Work Experiment' may have been flawed

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Kitchen Offices With Zoom Fatigue

  • Conversations became foreign, exhausting and soulless with Zoom, even as home offices were being set up in the bedroom or the Kitchen table under a stack of books.
  • These conditions were forced due to the pandemic, as working from home had become an unavoidable necessity. 
  • Now that vaccines are here and the pandemic is under control in most areas, companies would want to call their employees to the office.

The Great Remote Work Experiment

  • The great remote work experiment taught everyone that it is possible to do everything remotely. 
  • Software companies stepped up and offered more for free to ensure that work and education did not suffer.
  • Going forward, communication, flexibility and clarification instead of assumption should be the golden rules of remote working.

Remote Working In A Normal World

Remote Working In A Normal World

The great work-from-home experiment has surfaced both good and bad effects.

  • Working from home during the(still ongoing) pandemic has been an extraordinary experience, where almost overnight, we started handling our job, kids, home and everything else without any real support or warning.
  • This unique situation was due to a global medical emergency, something we only saw in apocalyptic movies.
  • When the world re-opens, the equation will change again and working from home could be an individual choice with various pros and cons.

Breaking The Rules

Pre-pandemic, successful remote work required the following:

  1. Your working space or home office should be a different room, not where you sleep or eat.
  2. Have a reliable high-speed broadband connection.
  3. One should have at least six months of experience in the current job to know what is going on.

The pandemic proved that even if one is working from the bedroom with the mobile hotspot connection on the laptop and has just a week of work experience, remote working is still possible.

Hybrid Working Blues

The pressure-cooker environment brought in by the pandemic made remote working normal, but now as hybrid working(a mix of remote and non-remote) has started to happen in some companies, people staying at home could feel handicapped or left out, as it is easier to build relations or advance one’s career when physically present in the office.

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