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Be Human

It’s important to remember that all people have good days and bad days. 

Being a good communicator requires compassion, empathy, and understanding when communicating—especially in potentially difficult conversations.


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I see video and web as a way to reach and inspire people.

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Handling Difficult People

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How to communicate effectively with difficult people

How to handle conflict

How to stay calm under pressure

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Be patient with yourself

One of the main keys to learning self-compassion is to actually practice being patient with oneself, especially on your worst days. 

Remember to put yourself first, and to turn every negative emotion into a lesson learned.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • People are more connected, digitally, than ever. Yet loneliness is epidemic.
  • Combat loneliness by listening to others without distraction.
  • Elevate your small-talk skills by embracing authentic curiosity.
  • Having productive conversations about uncomfortable topics r...

Common communication mistakes

Common communication mistakes

  • Lack of attention to tone. No matter what the circumstances, learn to pay attention to tone. Before you speak, pause and take a breath.
  • One-size-fits-all communication. Different people have different needs and expectations.
  • Avoiding the difficult convers...

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