How to build trust with social media?

  • Get visitors to follow your channel. The more followers you have, the more likely others are to join in and so — the more trust in your brand they induce.
  • Regularly post entertaining content. The more people like your content, the more likely they are to share and like what you post, further increasing trust.
  • If there is no interaction with your post, don’t leave it like that. Get your team to share and like and then your followers are more likely to do the same!


How to Make Users Trust a SaaS


Nothing works quite as well as real-life experience, so if clients had a happy experience with your app or website, make sure they say this out loud. If a review is relatable and clearly shows the benefits of using your app — it’s certain to build trust among the readers. 

And it may be even more effective when it’s posted on a third-party site rather than your own.


Testimonials influence the perceived trustworthiness of an online store more than trust seals or even this store’s overall reputation.

In order to earn trust they need to be valuable for readers. Sometimes even negative feedback can work.


Product description

When users first encounter your product or service, they often don’t know much how it works, what it looks like, how much it costs… Sometimes they don’t even know what it does! Make sure you leave no such blindspots, because transparency and information breed trust. The more information about the product or service, the more willing they are to trust you with their money.

According to the study reported by Adweek, more than 80% of buyers do online research before purchasing a product.


A trust seal ensuring secure payment or a Trust-Inducing logo can make all the difference.

 Assure users that their data is encrypted, that the page is secure and payment method safe.


  • Inform your visitors about conversion goals that have just been achieved! 
  • Display information about new versions, updates, debugs, etc. as soon as they are released by your dev team 
  • Notify about system status — and make sure it’s „on” about 99% of the time 


  • Testimonials will be more trustworthy if they provide a photo of the person writing them. The more personal the details, the better.
  • Testimonial focuses less on the business, and more on the positive outcome of using your product or service.
  • Testimonials usually take the form of a short written note, but Video testimonials may help you to build credibility even more.


Product pages or knowledge bases are effective trust builders, but they have a serious drawback — not everybody will visit them. 

But there are pages that almost everybody visits on a regular basis. Think Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. They can all help you build trust with visitors who have never heard about you. Those who follow you


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Measuring the quality of customer service

Customer satisfaction and customer service quality are not the same things.

A smiley face in your post-service feedback survey does not mean you gave your customers great service. They might love the product and consider the service okay enough. Or they might be happy with the answer, not knowing that the answer was incomplete or out of date.

Many customer service teams rely on CSAT and NPS surveys to judge their performances. However, it is critical to understand the difference between the two to measure the quality of the service experience.


How to Measure Customer Service Quality: Methods & Tools - Help Scout


Community-as-a-Service is the phenomenon where access to a group of people is valuable enough that it can be considered a marketable product.

Every community-as-a-service comprises two elements:

• A founder (or founders) who creates original content that a community can gather around.

• The community members who come for the original content, but stay for several reasons.



Community-as-a-Service: A Business Model for the 21st Century

The business will suffer a BIG LOSS without a Customer Support

Would you believe that you can earn a lot more from your past clients rather than acquiring new ones?

How can you nurture and address clients' questions if you are busy networking and scaling your business?

Having reliable customer support can save you from the heartache of seeing your customers going to your competitors.

Do you want to take it to the next level? 

"Reliable and Economical?"

Virtual Assistants might be the right fit for you.



5 Ways Your Business Can Suffer Without the Help of a Customer Support VA | My Cloud Crew