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45 Ways To Be Happier Instantly


Research shows that allowing yourself a few moments of zen-like escape each day may make you happier.




What creates happiness in the brain
  • Dopamine: The happy chemical that our brain releases when we see reward or pleasure in sight.
  • Oxytocin: A hormone and a neurotransmitter, it gets released when we...
  • Happiness as a choice

    Once you realize that happiness is predominantly an internal process, you will gradually understand that happiness is also a choice, and you will be able to transcend the limits of what it is that makes you happy.

    Unhappiness at work
    Among the factors contributing to this were 
    • poor work-life balance
    • workers feeling underappreciated in their positions 
    • and 
    • people ...
    How to be happier at work
    • Figure out what truly motivates you, how do you define enjoyment, success, and fulfillment.
    • Conduct an energy audit and make changes accordingly. 
    • Take 10-to-15-minute breaks. 
    • Keep a 'smile file'. Keep a running list of your accomplishments, compliments, and thank-you's from real people.
    • Remind yourself of why you like working there.
    • Be disciplined about rest and balance.
    • Don't be 'on' 24/7.
    • Build your network. Develop meaningful relationships with people you admire and respect.
    • Connect your work to your intrinsic values - even if your job does not have a grand purpose, you can live your values.
    • Talk to your boss more often.
    • Discard the idea of 'right' versus 'wrong'.
    Set Happiness Goals

    You control your happiness the same way you control your health, and If you can set goals for your health, you can do it for happiness.

    Pursuing intrinsic goals, like l...

    Make Your Bedroom A Haven

    Sleep and happiness go hand in hand. Try to make your bedroom conducive to good sleep as much as possible.

    Soundproof it and cut light as best as you can; that includes keeping away any gadget that will tempt you to surf the web.

    Drink Tea

    Theanine, which is present in green and black tea, reduces anxiety and will calm your nerves and make you happy.

    So whenever you're feeling stressed because things aren't going your way, grab yourself a nice cup of tea to calm your nerves.