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Fear setting

Take 3 pages

  1. Make 3 columns on one. in the first one write 10 worst case scenario of the action/decision you gonna take. In the second, write how you can prevent them. In the 3rd one, write what will you do if they happen somehow. (how will you repair)
  2. In the second page- mention benefits of atleast taking the action. What would you learn new if you take that decision (even if it fails)?
  3. In the third page- write the cons if you don't take the action. What would you lose if you don't take the decision? What will be the effects for i) 3 monts, ii) 6 months, iii) 1 year.


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Organizing a Fear-Setting Template: The 3 Pages

Organizing a Fear-Setting Template: The 3 Pages

Page 1. Make three lists with the following headings:

  • Define - what are the worst things that could happen?
  • Prevent - How do I prevent each from happening?
  • Repair - If the worst happens, ho...



It is a decision-making tool for risky situations. The main point is that visualizing the worst-case scenarios lets you manage them rationally.

There are 3 stages in fear-setting for any decision:

  • Defining fears
  • P...

Fear-Setting and Escaping Paralysis

Write down the answers in a sheet of paper-

  1. What is the worst thing that can happen to you?
  2. How likely that would actually happen?
  3. How could you get things back under control?
  4. What will be the outcomes? temporary and permanent.
  5. What you have done wrong?

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