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Using The Incubation Period

When you're struggling with a problem or decision take a break from thinking hard.

Some studies say an incubation period as short as 10 minutes might be enough to gain a new perspective. But that’s not unanimous, so you might want to experiment to discover what works for you. 


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Solve the problem or leave the problem. But…… Do not live with the problem.

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Creativity: The Incubation Period

After a problem has been examined and analysed, creative thinkers often hit a roadblock, which is actually an ‘incubation period’ where the brain works in the background to process information at an unconscious level.

This results in an ‘aha’ or a ‘Eureka!’ moment when the solution or idea...

The Incubation Period

That’s a scientifically recognized phenomenon where an idea is unconsciously worked out by the brain. It often happens when we are trying to solve a hard problem and take a break to do an unrelated task.

Concentrating harder won't force the 'eureka moment' when you're experien...

Don’t Rush Towards Finding A Solution

Thinking hard doesn’t mean you will get a great solution. One might need to step away from the problem and do something else for a while. The brain continues to work in the background and an innovative solution may be unearthed by spending time on something unrelated. The solution can be trusted ...

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