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The keto diet is radical

The keto diet is radical

The ketogenic diet is quite a radical diet that changes most people way of eating. Some people wonder if 

keto diet


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How to prevent vertigo

How to prevent vertigo

  • Move slowly in particular when you stand up or seat. 
  • Be careful when bending your body. 
  • Pay special attention when moving your head in order to remember to move it slowly. 
  • When sleeping use at least 1 or 2 pillows. 
  • Drink a lot of fluids...


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The keto diet doesn’t cause vertigo per se

The keto diet doesn’t cause vertigo per se

Vertigo can be occasional or the symptom of a specific condition like an ear infection that needs to be treated. 

Some people confuse dizziness caused by reduced sugar intake with vertigo. Once they are used to the keto diet the symptoms of dizziness should stop. 


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Documented uses of the keto diet

Documented uses of the keto diet

Doctors have been prescribing ketogenic diets to treat epilepsy for nearly a century, and increasingly believe it holds promise for people with Type 2 diabetes.

But the older keto regimens didn’t work for most people hoping to slim down, and there’s no evidence the newly popular keto...

New research on the keto diet

  • Keto science is explored for the potential benefits of the diet as part of cancer therapy.
  • Another new area of research is using keto to prevent and reduce the severity of flu.
  • Studies show that there is a large reduction in seizures in people with epilepsy when following ...

Common Side Effects on a Keto Diet

Common Side Effects on a Keto Diet

  • Cramps (and more specifically leg cramps) are a pretty common thing when starting a ketogenic diet.
  • Constipation. The most common cause of constipation is dehydration.
  • Heart palpitations. When transitioning to keto, you ma...

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