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Saves Time

When you get to your office or when you start your day, you know what are the five tasks you need to do and you can dive straight into your tasks.


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Rule of 5

Rule of 5

The Rule of 5 says we need to do take 5 specific actions that will lead us towards our goals.

Connects with the 1% improvement principle


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Easy to Apply

Yes, the Rule of Five is easy to apply. Anyone can do it. Write down the 5 small action steps you need to get done every day, and then take action upon them.


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Never Feel Overwhelmed Again

Do you ever feel like there’s a ton of things to do and you have no idea where to start ? Or you probably feel paralyze because you feel overwhelmed with works? You will never have this problem when you apply this rule to your life.


702 reads

Clear Direction

When you write down the five things you need to do every day, you know what you do and you will never lose.


922 reads

Boost Your Confidence

Once you got your small tasks accomplished, you will feel satisfied and you will feel more confident because you know you are on your way to something big.


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Time Blocking

Time Blocking

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