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Anger: The Desease Of Mind

Anger: The Desease Of Mind

Origin of Anger is Desire and it is the one of the grossest mental afflictions. When it arises, it disturbs our inner poise. It causes a rush of blood to the head. We often regret what we say or do when we are in a rage.

Later, we wish that we had not become angry, and we wonder how we succumbed to it. The backlash of anger can remain inside us for much longer than the provocation that caused it.

Consequences of Anger: it makes us forget;

  • Good manners
  • Civility
  • Kindness

In its grip, humans forget basic respect, empathy, and compassion.



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How To Overcome Anger

Though Anger does not come by itself. It is caused when we harbour a desire and its fulfilment is obstructed.

The Sanskrit saying: krodhāt krodhe kathannute. ‘Do not allow anger to overcome you, rather, become angry upon anger itself.’

The cause of desire is determined—it is attachment. If we harbour attachment, it will lead to desire; from desire will arise anger and greed.

Conversely, if we eliminate attachment, and/or replace the lower Attachments with higher one (desire for Supreme Lord) there will be no scope for desire, and all subsequent afflictions will automatically cease.



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