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Strategies when someone repeatedly mess up your name

Our names are part of our identity, and when someone gets it wrong, it can feel like disrespect. However, there are a few ways you can gently call someone out when they call you by the wrong name.

  • Ask a clarifying question. Offer a warm smile and ask, "Did you just call me Sam by accident?" It allows them to apologise and confirm the correct name.
  • Offer a correction. "My name is Talisa, by the way. Just think Lisa with a Ta in front of it."
  • Do it in writing. Include the phonetic spelling of your name.
  • Find peers and explain the situation so that they may advocate for you.


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Ask people to repeat their names. If it's hard, ask them to spell it for you. Repeat after them. 

If you forget, ask someone else from the group, "Hey, what was the name of the guy in a red shirt? I forgot." Do whatever you have to do to remember. And then call people by their names....

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