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5 tips to make people laugh

5 tips to make people laugh

Concentrating on a talk can be difficult, and humor is a fantastic way to engage your audience. The laugh overrides the defenses of others, and suddenly you find yourself with an opportunity to communicate with them

Tips from Tom Rielly:

  1. Tell anecdotes that relate to the topic, where humor comes naturally.
  2. Have a funny comment handy in case you screw up. The audience has also been through similar situations and you will gain instant sympathy.
  3. Include humor in the visual elements.
  4. Use satire.
  5. If you are not a funny person, don't try to be. Try it with people you know and see if it works.


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5 tips to help you get started

  1. Ask yourself WWJD? (What Would Jerry Do?) Take an everyday situation and ask yourself, “What’s funny about this?”
  2. Keep it clean. Steer clear of controversial topics and jokes in bad taste.
  3. Use your wittiness to compete against big budgets. 
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