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7 proven techniques for writing a great problem statement

7 proven techniques for writing a great problem statement

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Start with the problem

Start with the problem

If you want to ship a great products that users love, you need to start with a clear understanding of what problem you’re trying to solve for your user and why.

Techniques for writing a great problem statement

  • Start with the solution. While a problem statement comes before design in the process of product development, as people we tend to think in solutions.
  • Try wrong answers. Ask yourself what it is about the wrong solution that makes it unacceptable, and include that in your problem statement.
  • Talk to customers again.
  • If you’re having trouble getting your head around a problem space, try laying out the specific problems felt by the people involved.
  • Start designing. Particularly when feeling blocked, this approach can open up perspectives and possibilities that you might not have considered beforehand.
  • A focused problem statement will help align the rest of your team throughout the design and build process.
  • Eliminate judgment words (“too slow”, “badly designed”, or “confusing”).

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