How to get out of a rut

How to get out of a rut

  • Move: Physical activity (any movement of the body) is your first line of attack in the battle against burnout. You don't need an elaborate workout routine—just do something that gets you moving. It'll be worth it. 
  • Talk to another human: We're wired for connection: we need it to not only thrive but to survive. This is why, when you don't feel like yourself, you should talk to someone.
  • Meditate—or just breathe: Try to be mindful, to focus on the present. Even if you last 90 seconds and can't get more than one or two breaths in without your mind wandering, it counts.
  • Indulge in some nostalgia: go back in time for a bit to take a sip of the same joy you felt when you first experienced the song/movie/show/book/whatever it is that you love most. 



How to get out of a rut

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Burnout of a Nonprofit employee

The burden is slightly different for a nonprofit employee. In addition to an intimidating pile of work on your desk, you face a steady stream of people whose lives often depend on you and your organization’s assistance.

You'll need a new strategy to fight that feeling of professional fatigue.


How to Avoid Burnout When You're Saving the World

A lot of the internal things that affect our productivity are out of our control. Our energy, focus, and motivation follow their own path or “productivity curve” throughout the day. 

  • Fighting against your personal productivity curves leads to overwork, feeling overwhelmed, and burnout.
  • If you learn to work with your natural peaks and valleys, it can tell you exactly when you should schedule each part of your day.



When to work: How to optimize your daily schedule for energy, motivation, and focus

If you want to remain mediocre at something forever, keep it to yourself

If you want to become extremely successful, then openly share your dreams with your loved ones. Friends and family will also hold you accountable to your dreams and goals if they see you not making progress.



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